A  James Rudolph Novel


The world of the Hollywood Taxi Driver, isn't pretty, but no matter how hard the asphalt jungle tries to crush his soul, tendrils of Ray's basic nobility, compassion, and decency keep sprouting up between the cracks like defiant weeds. A hell ride well worth taking...

Jon Zelazny- "Public Affairs"


Ray covers Hollywood with hard-core cynicism...yet there is a poignant affection in this intimate portrait of the love a stone-cold cab driver has for a terrified porn star. If you like Raymond Chandler and Elmore Leonard, you'll like Cindy's Eyes...

T.H. Orr- "The Way I Was Taught"


James Rudolph left earth for Andromeda on July 11, 2014. He is survived by his wife, his son and  his grand daughter, Luna Magic.



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